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UpCanada Ventures focuses on investing in technology start-ups in the following segments:

If you are an early stage company based in BC in these sectors, and looking to be considered for investment by the Fund, please provide a detailed business plan, financial statements (preferably audited) for the past three fiscal years, and pro-forma financial projections for the next three years.

In your submission and business plan, please include the following:

  • Define your customer and potential demand

  • Identify and quantify your high potential target market

  • State how will your products or services will appeal to, and or be valuable to your market

  • Show where your product, technology, service, and/or business model are innovative

  • Provide some examples of how your business can make the world a better place


UpCanada Ventures works closely with Bizfield Angel Network for deal flow, applicant processing, and funding assessments.

Entrepreneurs looking for angel round funding can click the button for more information.

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